Through our design philosophy, we aim to work with our clients to provide inspiration and ideas to enhance their outdoor environment. 

  1. Initial meeting:  1st meeting is complimentary.  This is the time where we can sit down and discuss our client’s needs, wants & desires. 
  2. Our Design fees:  Once we’ve become familiar with our client & their property, we can then discuss the rest of the process & costs.  Each project will vary in cost depending on size, budget & scope of work. 
  3. Site Analysis:  Measuring, plotting & photographing your property come next.  This is also the time for researching any design restrictions we may come across with the city, homeowner associations, engineering, etc.   
  4. Conceptual Design:  Through a series of black line drawings, sketches and images, we will be able to create a design that we all can agree on.  A mounted, personal color conceptual will be presented to our client, along with any other necessary visual items.
  5. Construction Documents:  Includes all plans necessary to help ensure design elements are properly defined & detailed.  If a project requires permits, SPL will provide the necessary “permit ready” construction plans for this.
  6. Permit Expediting:  If a project requires engineering and/or permits, SPL will handle the coordination necessary to acquire permits in hand.
  7. The Build:  SPL offers their time, coordination & observations to help ensure the design intent is not lost throughout the construction of the project.


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